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Our Services

Unique Selling Proposition

Identify and highlight the unique features and benefits of your photobioreactor. This could include factors such as its efficiency, scalability, cost-effectiveness, or innovative design. Clearly communicate how your product stands out from competitors and addresses the specific needs and challenges of microalgae cultivation.

We will assist you in minimizing your investment risk.

We use our own technology to efficient process to fulfil the algae need of our customers.

Inovelsa services to assist you include:

  • Consultancy 

  • Strain Selection

  • Cultivation System Design

  • Production Process Design

  • Temperature and pH Optimization

  • Minimizing Your Investment Risk

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We offer a wide variety of consultancy services. Our experts are available to answer any questions. We will guide you along the formalization of your business for a large variety of microalgae strains and species.We will assist you in minimizing your investment risk.

Strain Selection

The process begins with selecting a suitable microalgae strain based on the desired application, such as biofuels, food additives, or pharmaceuticals. Factors considered include growth rate, lipid content, nutrient requirements, and tolerance to environmental conditions.

Cultivation System Design

a cultivation system is designed and set up to provide optimal growth conditions for the selected microalgae strain. Common cultivation systems include open ponds, closed photobioreactors, or hybrid systems. Factors such as light availability, temperature control, nutrient supply, and CO2 availability are taken into account.

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